CWEA Board Starts Branding Project

This is a new Board project.


In 2018 CWEA completed a new strategic plan and we are ready to look at branding, messaging & positioning.  In October 2019, the Board selected Sterling from several possible firms to guide CWEA’s leaders through a rebranding process.


Increase the appeal of CWEA for new members, volunteers and attract more attendees to our events. Prepare CWEA for the next generation of water professionals.


The last time we updated the brand was 1985 when we changed our name to CWEA.


Who is Sterling?
San Francisco based branding agency with many Fortune 500 brands and several non-profit groups, including the Nature Conservancy and the SF Ballet.

What is branding?
Great organizations are driven by clear and powerful brand strategy, and brought to life with great storytelling. It starts with establishing a clear and ownable position.
The one thing CWEA is famous for.

What is a brand?
A brand is the feelings, thoughts, perceptions and attitudes people have about an organization. It’s the sum of everything they see, hear, feel, experience about you.

What can this do for CWEA?
As a CWEA leader you’ll receive an easy-reference brand guide so you’ll know how to promote CWEA. There’s an opportunity for CWEA’s brand to work harder – attracting more members, certification holders
and conference attendees.

Task Force

The Brand task force members include:

  • Kevin Calderwood, President
  • Matt Winkelman, MER Chair
  • Jenn Jones, Executive Director
  • Valerie Ratto, SRC Chair/LS
  • Mark Takemoto, NRC Chair/LS
  • Nick Hansen, SFBS/LS
  • Steve Cano, SARBS Chair/LS
  • Jonathon Powell, P3S Chair
  • Dianne Lee, Past CWEA Board Member

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