Volunteer Opportunity: Northern Regional Committee Secretary

To volunteer as the NRC Secretary please contact the Chair Zaheer Shaikh.

Each term of office shall be two years. Candidates for Secretary shall be
nominated at-large. The incumbent Vice-Chairperson shall be appointed to the
Chair. The incumbent Secretary has the option to either accept appointment to
the Vice-Chair, continue for another two-year term as Secretary, or withdraw
from office and decline advancing through the chairs. Upon vacancy of any
office, an election to fill the unexpired term shall be held at the next scheduled
committee meeting. The Vice-Chairperson will assume the Chair upon
vacancy or absence (without election). The Chair will become Past-Chair.

Duties Secretary
4.3.1 Inform the local sections and committees of scheduled training events
to support cross-section attendance.
4.3.2 Attend sub-committee meetings as directed.
4.3.3 Prepare the minutes of all meetings in a timely manner and forward
them to the CWEA office for distribution.
4.3.4 In conjunction with the other officers, prepare a meeting notice and
agenda for each meeting to be sent out as per section 5.2..
4.3.5 Keep historical and current records of the committee.
4.3.6 Act as a liaison to committees as assigned.

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