WEF Seeks Nominations for Leadership Posts

WEF Vice President
WEF Treasurer
WEF Board of Trustees (2 positions)

WEF’s mission is to connect water professionals, enrich the expertise of water professionals, increase the awareness of the impact and value of water, and provide a platform for water sector innovation.  This mission is executed through the dedication and active involvement of WEF members.

We encourage you to join WEF leadership in advancing our mission and vision by nominating yourself for WEF leadership positions. WEF’s visibility in the global water sector continues to grow as do our contributions to advancing the profession and providing exceptional services to our diverse membership.


To successfully continue on our path, WEF requires the leadership of dedicated and exceptional volunteers who are committed to moving our goals forward, consistent with our Strategic Plan!

CLICK HERE for nomination criteria, forms and WEF Strategic Plan (sign in required).

Nomination Deadline: Thursday, June 4, 2020

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