Leader Training: Local Section Zoom Meetings and CWEA Webinars

Resources for Local Sections running Zoom meetings and webinars…

Setting up your Local Section Zoom account

All Local Sections can get their own Zoom-CWEA Meetings account. Please contact Renu Paul, COO to have a Zoom-CWEA account officially issued to your Local Section. Only one log-in per Local Section.

  1. Your Local Section will need a Gmail
  2. Contact Renu Pal, COO, to have a Zoom-CWEA account issued
  3. Once a Zoom account is issued, you need to sign onto the connected Gmail account and verify the account (your Zoom account will not be complete without this verification).
  4. Log-in at zoom.us/signin
  5. On the Zoom admin webpage you can schedule meetings and get the info for a meeting invite
  6. Your Zoom account allows up to 300 attendees

Awarding Contact Hours

Since Zoom meetings do not track the participants join and leave times, it is not recommended to award contact hours for Zoom meetings. Try partnering with the CWEA Education Team on a webinar. You can submit a webinar request here to get the process started. The Zoom webinar platform the Education Team uses DOES track the participants join and leave times.

The requirements the CWEA TCP Committee has set for earning and validating a contact hour:

All contact hour documentation must include the following information:

  • The name of the training organization
  • The training title
  • The name of the attendee who completed the program
  • The number of contact hours earned
  • The date of completion
  • An official signature or stamp from the training organization, instructor’s signature is acceptable

Furthermore, one contact hour is defined as “One (1) Contact Hour of CWEA-approved instructional session or training is defined as 50 minutes *of participation* in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.” The attendance of the entire session must be documented. There are many ways to do this in an online environment, at a minimum, the platform used must be able to generate an attendance report, or show the amount of time each participant was logged in.

The CWEA TCP Committee will continue to monitor and evaluate contact hours that come from online sources and may adjust the policy in the future. The goal is to maintain flexibility, availability, and convenience of hours while ensuring that the purpose of the continuing education requirement and the quality of hours earned are upheld.

Ideas for Zoom Local Section Meetings

  • Local Section Board meetings
  • LS Committee meetings
  • Training webinar for contact hours – complete the webinar request form and the Education Team will help you
  • Cert prep training webinar –  complete the webinar request form and the Education Team will help you
  • Case studies or success stories
  • Open forums
  • Technology talks/equipment training by LS leaders, vendors or engineers
  • AMA Ask Me Anything with an expert/GM/leader/regulator
  • Career panel to provide advice for students
  • And so much more


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