CWEA Board Nominations due December 17, 2018

By Connie Leonard, 2018-2019 CWEA President & Executive Committee Chair, CDM Smith, [email protected] I am pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 2019 CWEA State Board of Directors positions. Your local section and committee officers received the Executive Committee request for nominations for CWEA Directors and Officers last week.  Continue reading

Phishing Scam Awareness


Some CWEA sections have made us aware of an email Phishing attack that has been targeted against some CWEA members appearing to come from its Tri-State Committee Chair, Lee Boyer. 

Below is an email that was targeted. Thankfully, they were able to recognize this as a scam and did not transfer any funds. We are sharing this message with CWEA leaders and all members to ensure they do not fall for these kinds of attacks.

Can I ask you for some assistance?
Thank you,

Lee Boyer
Tri-State Seminar Vice-Chair

EMAIL 2 (response to email 1):
I am having such a frustrating ordeal right now. I need to make an urgent deposit to Doctor, but I’m out of town until Next Weekend.This deposit is for my Sister who has an inflamed gall bladder. She’s having a surgery today, because her condition now is very serious. I need your assistance, please I need you to help me make this payment,I’ll reimburse you once I get back next week, I promise!

Please let me know if I can count on you.

We are making you aware so that if something ever looks suspicious in an email, it’s likely spam. In this case, the scammer was posing as Lee Boyer, Tri-State Seminar Vice Chair. The email address was from “CORBSnews” with Lee’s [email protected] address. The actual address it points to is: [email protected] Please do not open or reply to these or any suspicious emails. Best to call the person to find out, or start a new email to their actual email address asking if they are reaching out to you.

Here is some additional information on phishing scams.