Local Section Bylaws & Affiliation Agreements

Each local section is unique in almost every possible way. Although each local section has used the same template for creating their own standing rules, there is significant variation depending upon the individual situations of each.

Northern Sections Southern Sections
Central San Joaquin Colorado River Basin
Monterey Bay Desert and Mountain
North Coast Golden Empire
Northern Sacramento Valley Los Angeles Basin
Northern San Joaquin San Diego Section
Redwood Empire Santa Ana River Basin
Sacramento Area Tri-Counties
San Francisco Bay
Santa Clara Valley

Model Local Section Constitution & Bylaws
Local Section Policy

Any local section wishing to make modifications to their standing rules is welcomed to do so. The following are the steps that each needs to take in order to enact any changes, which are outlined in each constitution & bylaws.

  1. Modifications are submitted to the Membership and External Relations Board Committee for comments to ensure compliance with the CWEA Constitution.
  2. Modifications are published to the local section members.
  3. Modifications are voted on by the local section members.
  4. If approved, the modifications are submitted to the Membership and External Relations Board Committee for final review so that a recommendation for approval can be made to the board.
  5. A final version is submitted to the full CWEA board for approval.
  6. Changes are enacted.

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