Staff Contacts

The CWEA Staff is here to help you. Contact the appropriate staff person for your needs.

Item Name of Committee Staff Liaison
On-line Meeting Scheduling (Zoom) Annual Conference Monica
Collection System Maintenance Victoria
Community Engagement and Outreach Alec/Megan
Engineering and Research Victoria
Historical Victoria
Laboratory Victoria
Leadership Development Victoria
Operations and Maintenance Victoria
P3S Monica
Safety Victoria
Scholarship & Student Design Competition Megan
SYP Megan
TCP Lydia
Board Committees MER Committee Alec
OPS Committee Renu/Jenn
PPD Committee Victoria
Executive Committee Jenn/Renu/Victoria
Local Sections Awards and plaques Megan
Websites Megan and Alec
Update Listings of Local Section Leaders Victoria
Banquets Victoria
Upload Event Photos to the Flickr Gallery Megan
Events Calendar Listings Alec
Volunteer Recruitment Postings Megan
Websites Local Sections Megan
Certification Alec
CAWaterJobs Alec
Events Calendar Alec and Megan
Finance Budgets Renu
Check requests Renu
Policies Renu
Accept credit cards Renu
Certificates of Insurance Renu
Education Events/Conferences Monica
Exhibits Christine
Request a Webinar Alec
Advertising Clean Water Magazine Kelman
Websites Alec
Event Sponsorships Alec
News Coverage E-Bulletin Article Suggestions Megan
Clean Water Article Suggestions Megan
Upload Event Photos to the Flickr Gallery Megan
Configure Committee E-Blasts Alec
Social media suggestions or photos to post Megan